Carl James Trelfa

Technical Web Design Skills

Various web technologies and knowledge of technical skills are required to produce a professional web site.

I've already used this breakdown on the Home Page, but it seems to fit here, so, here it is again:


HTML standards were looked up and correctly followed throughout the site.


CSS and CSS 3 features are used to do funky things like the rounded corners around the edges of every page.


SASS is a CSS pre-processor and was used to enable more efficient CSS development.

PHP, CodeIgniter and MySQL

PHP allows me to dynamically build the pages, linking to a MySQL database and re-using blocks of common design elements, such as the header and navigation HTML.

JavaScript, JQuery, Angular, React and Node

JQuery, Angular and React usage are all demonstrated in the JavaScript section of the site.


Check out the Angular Image Gallery and the Angular Site V2.


Vanity URLs and more.


Not in as much demand as it used to be, but here it is anyway!

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