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This is a cut down version of my CV.  I figured you probably got here because you saw the URL in my Word Doc CV and I didn't want my full address or mobile number one here (you can email me if you need to contact me).

Here goes...

Carl James Trelfa


Born 3rd Febrary 1978


I am a very technically minded individual, with wide ranging computing skills.  My programming experience includes HTML 5, PHP, MySQL (LAMP/XAMPP), CSS 3, SASS, Flash Action Scripting (AS2 and AS3), JavaScript (JQuery/Angular/Node/NPM/TypeScript), Java, Java ME, C, C++ (although it has been a while since I used Java or C).  I also have qualifications and experience relating to the hardware side of computing, including CompTIA A+ certification and am well versed in building and maintaining PCs and Networks.  I am an excellent communicator and work well as part of a team.  I am familiar with SVN systems which I have used in various roles.  I’ve been interested in computers from a very early age, and have always enjoyed software development.

I have been involved in two businesses, www.thepodge.co.uk and www.ish-games.com.  These business have supplied flash games to various clients over the past 8 years, including www.armorgames.com and Cartoon Network.  Recently I have been looking in to moving over to Unity for game development as it presents more opportunities than Flash.  I have developed fully integrated Facebook games as well, using my own bespoke PHP-based framework and CMS.

I’m quite happy to work with the full set of technologies needed to turn web site design (created in whatever format, eg. PSD) in to a fully functional web site, complete with CMS, SEO and advanced PHP and JavaScript features.

Employment History

Koko Digital
May 2017 – Present

Main duties involve working on small Javascript games for Arsenal FC's Junior Gunners App.


Self Employed
October 2009 – May 2017

I have been self-employed since October 2009.  Unfortunately, the Indie games space is becoming more and more crowded and with the demise of Flash, what was a viable business has become more of a hobby.

Contract Work on Multi-Player Games

I have been employed as a contractor during the start of that period and moved over to being completely self employed after about 6 months.  As a contractor (for a company called Babuki – I’m not sure if they still exist, in fact I think they may have changed their name) I was responsible for programming flash multiplayer games using Smart Fox Server and Flash AS3, Flash Develop.

Setting Up In Business

After the contractor period I set up a business with some friends, www.thepodge.co.uk which is still online and also www.ish-games.com. We have created various Flash games for web sites such as www.armorgames.com and www.cartoonnetwork.com

Web Site and Game Design and Development

The web sites for these businesses were completely coded by myself using PHP, MySQL, Linux Servers and XAMPP.  I have a custom CMS that I use to speed up development.  The design side was handled by my business partner (HTML and CSS).

I am also familiar with Javascript, which I consider to be an essential component of modern web design.  I have used many Javascript and PHP Libraries and tools.

Games created while self employed:

http://www.thepodge.co.uk/playcitysiege3.html (our most successful)

Some of the games were also porter to iPhone and Android.

Cartoon Network

We supplied the following games to Cartoon Network:



Facebook Games and Apps

I have also worked on Facebook games, at a company called Socialplay as a short-term contractor.  While there I worked on various Solitaire games for Facebook and an Endless Runner game:


Bespoke Ground-up Facebook Integration Framework

I also worked on my own Facebook Integration system, using PHP, MySQL and Linux Server.  The system is fully featured and support all facebook features, including payments, shop items, sharing and friend gifting/inviting.  We used this sytem to create a game called Prizechinko, the game uses flash but the client side could use any technology, HTML5, Unity etc.  Our CMS system allows us to see use purchases and issue refunds and freebies to users.


Steam Games

Most recently I have worked porting some of our games over to Steam.  They were greenlit on Steam some time ago and we felt we should get them on there, even if it’s the last thing we do officially as business partners.

The Steam games are:



October 2008 – October 2009

Main duties at Nitrome were the design, development and testing of original Flash Games, which we then license to games portals, such as Miniclip.com

Games I have been involved in include:

Flash Cat (a racing/shoot em up where you travel along a road in the air) http://www.nitrome.com/games/flashcat/

Power Up (a physics-based puzzle game using Box2D) http://www.nitrome.com/games/powerup/

Double Edged (a scrolling beat-em-up similar to Golden Axe, featuring 6 bosses) http://www.nitrome.com/games/doubleedged/


Fish in a Bottle
March 2008 – October 2008

Main duties at Fish in a Bottle included developing web sites and interactive digital content using PHP, MySQL and Flash.

We have a range of high profile clients including the BBC and Disney, we have created flash games for both, including a Phineas and Ferb game for Disney and Dr. Who and Heroes games for the BBC.  I have personally developed a screen-saver and a sliding puzzle game for a Hannah Montana project for Disney.

I took on the lead development role on www.framestore.com and have developed large parts of www.gardenersclick.com (my favourite part being the weather pages).  Unfortunately the versions on these sites I worked on are no longer online.


There is more on my Word Doc CV.  Email me if you want a copy!

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